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When the stakes are high, any amount of unaccountable process fluids can drain your bottom line. That's why companies like yours count on the power of proven technology from ESPL to improve your service, reduce cost and give you optimal service.


These have to do with the daily processes and what could be called "Value Added Time" that your engineers spend on task. For those not involved with "Lean" this would be any task that contributes towards the bottom line, or for an engineer, if you bill for a task then it could be considered Value Added. Some examples of process style metrics to measure:

  • Estimation Accuracy
  • Scope Variance
  • Schedule Variance
  • Product Development Cost
  • On Time Delivery

Quality metrics are pretty easy to discern, anything that relates to the quality of the product coming out of ESPL or the quality of information going in. No doubt, there's often more variables in ESPL success that clouds that "perfect" result, but we should strive for it none the less.

Some examples of quality style metrics:

  • Number of Process Data changes
  • Number of Revisions
  • First Pass Yield
  • Customer Satisfaction (ESPL's customer, and end user)

Computers and software are just as critical to ESPL as a CNC machine is to your production capability. Think of ESPL as another equipment operator on your production floor (albeit a highly paid one) and any minute that he or she has to wait for a computer to load, an analysis to run, or a model to refresh is costing the company money.

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Engineering Specialities Pvt. Ltd. ESPL, was founded in 1980 by Mr. Narinder Nath , after nearly 20 years of Engineering and Industrial background behind him.

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               Narinder Nath

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