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Engineering Specialities Pvt. Ltd.

Designing, Manufacturing and Supply of all types of Flow Elements

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Engineering Specialities Pvt. Ltd., ESPL, was founded in 1980 by Mr. Narinder Nath, after nearly 20 years of Engineering and Industrial background behind him.

The main activities of the firm are designing, manufacturing and supply of all types of Flow Elements, including Orifice Plate Assemblies, Pitot Tubes, Venturies, Flow Nozzles, Self Averaging Pitot Bars, Wedge type Elements etc., Instrumentation Erection Materials and Hardware, which are not usually manufactured by the large instrumentation companies, and non-standard Butterfly Valves, with or without Actuators.

Since then ESPL has supplied thousands of Flow Elements and Butterfly Valves, for all kind of applications, to all type of industries, including Steel, Power, Refineries, Cement, Paper, Fertilizer etc.

We have developed Orifice Plate Calculation Software based on the latest ISO-5167 Standard and Butterfly Valves Cv calculation which are acceptable and appreciated by all the above mentioned organizations. With these software's the total designing time is cut down to bare minimum.

We have had several of our Orifice Plate Assemblies, Flow Nozzle Assemblies, Self Averaging Pitot Bars, Pitot Tubes and Wedge type Flow Elements on-line calibrated at the Test Labs of the FCRI, Palakkad (NABL) and IIT, New Delhi, with excellent results.

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